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  • Taboola Video

    Engage your audience with high-visibility video on the web’s best publishers

    Reach your marketing goals via elegant, non-disruptive, and highly viewable video campaigns

    3+ Billion
    Monthly US PVs

    99% IAS
    Brand Safety


    Highly Viewable Videos Reach
    Users Looking for What’s Next

    Taboola videos appear at the end of an article or page, where users are most likely to engage with your content. Videos play only when in-view, and sound is user-initiated, optimizing viewability and user experience. Research shows users find Taboola ads 2.4X more favorable than disruptive ads.

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    More Insightful Targeting
    Based on 1.4B Users

    Taboola’s targeting is based on data from 1.4B users each month. This vast data gives us deeper insight into what content users engage with online, resulting in relevant, personalized video recommendations.

    Flexible Buying Solutions to Reach Branding Goals

    Whether accessing through managed service or programmatic channels, use Taboola Video to bring your brand to life. Buy on a CPCV or CPM basis to hit your branding goals across placements, creatives, and devices.

    Video Customization Services

    Taboola managed service clients have access to our in-house creative studio to help you optimize engagement and results for your videos. Our studio team will help you drive ROI using creative best practices and features like custom overlays, end-slates and more.

    Exclusive Partnerships with the Most Respected Publishers

    Our strong, long-term publisher relationships enable our advertisers’ videos to be shown next to editorial content.

    Solid Brand Protection

    Our four-pronged approach to brand safety protects you from damaging content and keeps your campaigns fraud-free. We partner with brand safety and anti-fraud companies like DoubleVerify, IAS, and MOAT and contract with the best publishers to protect your investment.

    We partner with Double Verify, IAS, and MOAT

    We have direct exclusive partnerships with our publishers

    Our technology automatically filters traffic and monitors data

    Coalition for Better Ads, NAI, TAG, Ads.txt, AdChoices, GDPR

    Experts at Your Service

    Our Account Management team is here to help you achieve your goals. Dedicated experts in creative strategy, campaign optimization, and audience insights work continually to keep your campaigns performing at their best.
    Join the success of
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